ECLERK Simple, Easy, Fast Online Cat Show Entry

Version History

Version Date Type Description
 4.8.0  08/15/2022  Minor
  • Fix for email system issues.
 4.5.1  02/14/2011  Minor
  • Additional club changes.
  • Ability for exhibitor to have password sent to them.
 4.6.0  01/08/2012  Minor
  • Ads.
 4.5.0  01/18/2011  Minor
  • Added club ability to create shows.
 4.4.9  07/21/2010  Minor
  • Added Facebook notice.
 4.4.8  07/21/2010  Minor
  • Fixed small bug with Entry Clerk Country not updating correctly.
  • Added full support for EB HHP Pricing.
 4.4.7  02/20/2010  Minor
  • Added Support for regular packages and added 4 entry eb package.
  • Add ability of administrator to reset passwords.
 4.4.6  07/28/2009  Minor
  • Added Extra Free pricing for 2, 3, 4 and Odd Entries.
  • Fixed Club Motel Contact Number.
  • Additional Fixes for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers in Club mode
  • Fix to allow negative numbers for extras.
 4.4.5  07/14/2009  Minor
  • Added Show Hotel to Club Contact pages.
  • Added Extra Pricing to club pages.
  • Support for free extras by description.
 4.4.4  07/09/2009  Minor
  • 2 and 3 Package Pricing.
  • Removed Closing soon from home page. Changed current shows to 365.
 4.4.3  06/23/2009  Minor
  • Adjustments for One Day shows.
  • Support for 2 or 3 entry earlybird packages.
  • Support for 5 Ring shows.
 4.4.2  05/21/2009  Minor
  • Added labels to Club edit judges page for clarity.
  • Added break after breed option for advanced catalog feature.
 4.4.1  05/14/2009  Minor
  • Added Exhibitor Catalog Customized Page Breaks.
 4.4.0  01/30/2009  Minor
  • Added Entry Clerk Message bubble.
  • Added Blog informational bubble.
  • Fixed PayPal IPN link.
  • Improved Event Detail Pricing Display.
  • Improved Color Match for HHP colors.
 4.3.4  12/10/2008  Minor
  • Added NBC pricing.
  • Added Second One Day pricing.
  • Fixed Entry Clerk email on Show detail page.
 4.3.3  10/07/2008  Minor
  • Changes to support EXHIBITOR charge type.
 4.3.2  09/30/2008  Minor
  • ECLERK Forums
 4.2.1  09/10/2008  Minor
  • General Look and feel updates
  • Added exhibitor ability to update existing entries
  • Updated ADSENSE ads
 4.2.0  08/27/2008  Minor
  • Exhibitor Catalog Report re-write
  • Added Ring Number to reports
 4.1.0  08/25/2008  Minor
  • Added full Entry Clerk control over event settings (pricing, judges, and more).
  • Added Entry Clerk details to event details page.
  • Fixed CFA birth date calculations on catalogs.
 4.0.2  08/19/2008  Minor
  • Fixed issue catalog report fitting on Avery labels.
  • Add capability for Entry Clerks to remove Exhibitor or Entire Entry if no credit card charges found.
 4.0.1  08/16/2008  Minor
  • Fixed issue allowing users to create multiple accounts.
  • Fixed issues with catalog and cage reports.
 4.0.0  08/08/2008  Major
  • Added new label reports.
  • Fixed all known issues with CFA catalogs.
 3.17.0  07/29/2008  Minor
  • Added sorting to ENTRIES div for clubs.
  • Enhanced CFA Reports..
 3.16.0  07/27/2008  Minor
  • CFA Colors versus Color Class change.
  • Fixed problem with emailing and & sign in breed name.
 3.15.0  07/27/2008  Minor
  • Fixed sort order on all CFA reports.
  • Fixed color so input is always allowed.
  • Fixed exhibitor catalog to have enough room for larger reg numbers.
 3.14.0  07/26/2008  Minor
  • Fixed issue with Free 1/2 cage space.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to update email address.
 3.13.0  07/21/2008  Minor
  • Increased CFA Registered Name field for exhibitor edit screen to 50 from 30.
  • New CFA Breed Summary Report
  • New CFA Exhibitor Report
  • New CFA Clerk Report
 3.12.0  07/20/2008  Minor
  • Email confirmations with payment received.
  • Added Show Entry Counts and Show Judges Names to entry clerk settings page.
 3.11.0  07/17/2008  Minor
  • Implemented New Hosting provider changes.
  • Implemented domain.
  • Added show entry counts optional parameter.
 3.10.0  07/04/2008  Minor
  • Changed Order Summary look and feel.
  • Added Javascript to convert and to & for clubs.
 3.9.0  07/02/2008  Minor
  • Added Color Category for CFA entries.
  • Enabled Edit mode for color on CFA entries.
 3.8.0  06/29/2008  Minor
  • Fixed issue with HHP for CFA.
  • Added verification check for Clubs comparing class and rank for CFA.
  • Changed color logic Javascript check for ACFA and CFA color field.
  • Fixed CFA pricing calculator issues
  • Fixed CFA Misc ranking not displaying
  • Added Region to all Club screens
  • Removed legacy club edit jsp's.
 3.7.0  06/23/2008  Minor
  • Fixed Event Settings Judges order.
  • Hide Listing Fee for non-ACFA shows.
  • Clean up of Entry view and edit charges (club accounts only).
  • Added Exhibitor Sheets.
  • Added AGENT to CFA entries.
 3.6.0  06/18/2008  Minor
  • Added additional CFA pricing options.
 3.5.3  05/29/2008  Minor
  • Fixed Google map links on event details page.
 3.5.2  05/28/2008  Minor
  • Upgraded Reports to 2.X (JaserReports).
 3.5.1  05/27/2008  Minor
  • Fixed problem with Breed Pattern not being populated.
  • Fixed problem with multiple error/warning messages not appearing after update of single entry.
 3.5.0  05/26/2008  Minor
  • Improved Club Extra edit screen with club pricing and dynamic descriptions.
  • Added logic to remove AND and replace with & sign.
  • Added check for breed pattern for manually entered colors without registration numbers.
  • Changed the way Club Admin entered extras work.
 3.4.0  05/20/2008  Minor
  • Added Club Event Settings edit functionality.
  • Fixed issue with Admin activity null pointer.
  • Added Email Confirmation tracking.
  • Added exhibitor comments for clubs on email confirmations.
 3.3.0  05/01/2008  Minor
  • Added Club error/warning messages to individual entries.
  • Cleaned up ads.
  • Updated footer.
  • Added Support for Pixie Bob breed.
 3.2.0  03/03/2008  Minor
  • Added enhanced support payment options.
  • Updated Home splash screen.
 3.1.0  12/13/2007  Minor
  • Added AGENT to exhibitor entry form for ACFA.
  • Added 9pt and 10pt catalog choices.
 3.0.0  11/14/2007  Major
  • Rewrite of all AJAX Entry Clerk edit screens for easier use.
  • Preformance enchancements.
  • Additional work on OpenAds campaigns.
 2.4.0  11/03/2007  Minor
  • Added toUpperCase() calls on all reports
  • Fixed problem w/ Sire & Dam not showing on club view (view mode).
  • Added Exhibitors All report with Address and Entry Numbers.
  • Prep work for OpenAds integration
 2.3.1  10/20/2007  Minor
  • Additional work on removing pattern!
  • Added CFA Exhibitor Catalog.
  • Edited All catalogs to not include sections with 0 entries. i.e. NBC section.
  • Updated confirmation.
  • Added advertising links.
 2.3.0  10/13/2007  Minor
  • Removed need to enter PATTERN for exhibitors and entry clerks!
  • Changed ACFA eye color to fully editable drop down list.
  • Added clarification message to participation choice.
  • Removed Sire, Dam and Breeder from HHP displays and confirmations.
  • Enhanced registration number lookup display box to show all possible genders for a registration number.
  • Added clarification message to participation choice.
  • Made Generate Entry Numbers recongnize errors and warnings more accurately.
  • Additional HTML formatting cleanup on club pages.
 2.2.1  9/27/2007  Minor
  • Additional changes to Club html/css pages!
  • Clean up of Credit Card Transaction page.
  • Added entry clerk comments in addition to the already existing eclerk comment section.
 2.2.0  9/20/2007  Minor
  • Change CSS to better support none-windows none-ie browsers!
  • Added exhibitor benching request to econfirmation. Formatted create date on exhibitor econfirmation.
  • Added Payments to confirmation letters.
 2.1.0  9/12/2007  Minor
  • Added blogs!
  • Forced clerk and exhibitior fields to upper case for look and feel and app and reports.
  • Added optional doubleCheck and submit of un-recongnized entry number. This allows eclerk to except reg numbers that is would have otherwise rejected.
 2.0.5  9/07/2007  Minor
  • Added additional error checking and logging.
 2.0.4  8/16/2007  Minor
  • Switched from the word Registration to Entry through out application to avoid confusion between Entering a show and Registering a Cat or Litter.
 2.0.3  8/12/2007  Minor
  • Modified System Administration Activity History Page
  • Formatted Show Manager on Event Details page to not display physical address if not provided in DB.
  • Fixed incorrectly spelled COPPER word.
  • Fixed bug with automatic emails.
 2.0.2  8/10/2007  Minor
  • Added manual email confirmation emailing for entry clerks.
  • Favorities - New functionality to retain exhibitor entries as favorites for future ease of entry
 2.0.1  8/01/2007  Minor
  • Added automatic email letter confirmation - Exhibitors now recieve automatic confirmation letter via email after succesful registration.
 2.0.0  7/21/2007  Major
  • Support for CFA Association
  • Major style changes for Entry Clerk screens.
  • New icons from the SILK icon library
 1.X.X    Archived
  • Notes for version 1.X.X have been archived. Please contact for more details.