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            ECLERK 3.2 has introduced multiple pricing packages and we leave it up to the club to pick which best suits their needs. Below are the packages available and a short description of each. Contact eclerk for additional details.

PACKAGE A: If you pick this package the club elects to cover the fees associated with each credit card transaction. If an exhibitor elects to pay with a credit card then the 3% + .30 USD (per transaction) fee is paid by the club. The option encourages exhibitors to pay with a credit card and makes book keeping and tracking easier with consolidated credit card pay outs to the club. The exhibitor of course doesn't have to pay with a credit card and can always choose to send a check to the club after completing the entry process. Cost is $50 a show.

PACKAGE B: Clubs cannot always cover the cost associated with the credit card fees. This package allows the club to pass the credit card fee of 3% + .30 USD (per transaction) on to the exhibitor them selves if they choose to pay with a credit card. During the entry process the exhibitor is given a choice of paying with a credit card or sending a payment to the club directly. The extra credit card fee is clearly indicated as a convenience fee upfront and it is completely up to the exhibitor if the extra cost associated with paying with a credit card is acceptable. Otherwise, they can opt to send a check to the club without the convenience fee. Cost is $75 a show.

PACKAGE C: A club can choose this package if they do not want to allow any exhibitor to pay via credit card. All payments must be made by check, cash at the door, or some other arrangement between the club and exhibitor. This is the least desired option due to the fact that credit cards are a very important option to many exhibitors. When credit cards are not accepted the entry clerk has much more work to track and ensure all exhibitors have paid their entry fees. Cost is $100 a show.




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