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"Bluenose & Lucky Paws Double Feature"
Dartmouth, NS
September 07 - 08, 2013
2 Day - 10 Ring Show

Entry period has closed as of
Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:00 PM

A Message from the entry clerk!

Canadian Exhibitors Can Save on US Exchange By paying by cheque or money order or using PayPal Email <> direct to Bluenose. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAY WHILE LOGGED INTO ECLERK. ***Payments made through PayPal Credit Card Service can take up to 5 business days before appearing in this section. JUDGES SCHOOL ~ Hosted by Lucky Paws Cat Club. Moderators: Doug Blackmore and LeighAnn Blackmore. September 6: 7-10 PM September 7: 7-10 PM Please see entry form for registration and payment.

Entry Fees
*Early Bird Entry Prices (Before Aug 09, 2013 10:00 PM)
  1st Early Bird Entry   $55.00
  2nd Early Bird Entry   $50.00
  3rd Early Bird Entry   $45.00
  4th Early Bird Entry (and each additional entry)   $30.00
*Entry Prices
  1st Entry   $60.00
  2nd Entry   $55.00
  3rd Entry   $50.00
  4th Entry (and each additional entry)   $35.00
*HHP Prices
  1st HHP Entry (and each additional entry)   $40.00
**Other Prices
  Single Day Entry   $40.00
  3 entries, any category, if paid by Aug 09, 2013 10:00 PM   $135.00
* Prices set by individual Clubs. Availability and price subject to change. Space available is limited.
 ** Not a complete list of extras. Availability and price subject to change.
Show Counts and Statistics
 Currently 69 entry slots filled
 Currently 131 remaining entry slots available
Entry Numbers by Class
 Alter entries= 19
 Cat entries= 22
 HHP entries= 18
 Kitten entries= 10
Show Manager
Nancy Kerr/Theo Mitchell
Phone: 902 445-1713 (Nancy)
Show Lodging
Quality Inn [Show Map using Google Maps]
Dartmouth, NS CANADA
Phone: 1-800-741-5072
Entry Clerk
Nancy Kerr
131 Farnham Gate Road
Halifax, NS B3M 4A4 CANADA
Phone: 902 445-1713
Show General Info
Judges Names
J Harvey - AB
M Krzeszewski - AB
P Steckman - AB
R Boisselle (CCA guest judge) - AB
H MacDougall - AB
D Blackmore - AB
L Blackmore - AB
E MacDonald (CCA guest judge) - AB
D Redtfeldt - AB
L Borg - SP
Maximum 200 entries

Contact Information
E-mail the SHOW MANAGER for more information.
Go to the official show ON-LINE WEBSITE for more information.
Show Hall
Dartmouth Sportplex [Show Map using Google Maps]
110 Wyse Road
Dartmouth, NS  B3A 1M2   CANADA


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