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"Kittens in Kilts"
Dartmouth, NS
September 14 - 15, 2019
2 Day - 10 Ring Show

Entry Period Close Date
Sun Sep 01, 2019 11:59 PM

Openings remaining: 199

Show entry period closes in less than...
76 days  7 hours  32 Minutes!

A Message from the entry clerk!

Etransfer Fees to "password entryfee" Early Bird -3 Pedigree(Same Owner) $175.00 $ Rec'd by Aug 4/19 -contact the entry clerk for discount

Entry Fees
*Entry Prices
  1st Entry   $75.00
  2nd Entry   $70.00
  3rd Entry   $65.00
  4th Entry (and each additional entry)   $45.00
*HHP Prices
  1st HHP Entry (and each additional entry)   $45.00
**Other Prices
  Single Day Entry   $55.00
  2nd Single Day Entry (and each additional entry)   $50.00
* Prices set by individual Clubs. Availability and price subject to change. Space available is limited.
 ** Not a complete list of extras. Availability and price subject to change.
Show Counts and Statistics
 Currently 1 entry slots filled
 Currently 199 remaining entry slots available
Entry Numbers by Class
 Alter entries= 1
 Cat entries=
 HHP entries=
 Kitten entries=
Show Manager
Heather MacDougall & Marjorie Hilchie
Show Lodging
Travelodge Suites [Show Map using Google Maps]
101 Yorkshire Avenue Extension
Dartmouth, NS CANADA
Phone: (902) 708-4356
Entry Clerk
Stephanie Ingram
359-251 Windmill Rd
Dartmounth, NS B3A 4P2 CANADA
Phone: (902) 719-0991
Show General Info
Judges Names
Doug Blackmore - AB
LeighAnn Blackmore - AB
Heather MacDougall - AB
Sandy Pringle - AB
Dorie Eckhart - AB
Carolyna Prucha - AB
Eleanor MacDounald (CCA) - AB
Terry Farrell (CCA)  - AB
Mike Carbno - SP
Maximum 200 entries

Contact Information
E-mail the SHOW MANAGER for more information.
Go to the official show ON-LINE WEBSITE for more information.
Show Hall
Cole Harbour Place [Show Map using Google Maps]
51 Forest Hills Pkwy
Dartmouth, NS  B2W 6C6  CANADA


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