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"8 Ring Split Format"
Clerking School on Sunday
Crown Point, IN
May 28 - 28, 2022
1 Day - 8 Ring Show

Entry period has closed as of
Mon May 23, 2022 10:00 PM

A Message from the entry clerk!

Clerking School - Deb Wich is the Moderator Sign up under banquet reservations for $10 on Sunday Morning - Held at the Staybridge Suites 8415 Louisiana St, Merrillville, IN SHOW SPECIAL – THIS SHOW ONLY! We want to see Breeds that we don’t see that often so it’s a 2 for 1 Deal for the following breeds: Abyssinian/Burmilla/Cymric/Japanese Bobtail/Khao Manee/Korat/ La Perm/Nebelung/Oriental LH/Pixiebob/Snowshoe/Somali

Entry Fees
*Entry Prices
  1st Entry   $60.00
  2nd Entry   $55.00
  3rd Entry (and each additional entry)   $50.00
*HHP Prices
  1st HHP Entry (and each additional entry)   $40.00
**Other Prices
* Prices set by individual Clubs. Availability and price subject to change. Space available is limited.
 ** Not a complete list of extras. Availability and price subject to change.
Show Counts and Statistics
 Currently 71 entry slots filled
 Currently 29 remaining entry slots available
Entry Numbers by Class
 Alter entries= 14
 Cat entries= 28
 HHP entries= 12
 Kitten entries= 17
Show Manager
Karly Chnupa
6212 US Highway 6
Portage, IN 46368 US
Phone: 2196785049
Show Lodging
Hampton Inn Merrillville [Show Map using Google Maps]
8353 Georgia St
Merrillville, IN US
Phone: 219-736-7600
Entry Clerk
6212 US Hwy #204
Portage, IN 46368 US
Phone: 219-678-5049
Show General Info
Judges Names
Ron Summers - AM - AB
Rick Burthay - AM - AB
Jan Rook - AM - AB
Deb Wich - AM - AB
Carol Barbee - PM - AB
Judy Eastwood - PM - AB
Kari Prucha - PM - AB
Vicky Merrill - PM - SP
Maximum 100 entries

Contact Information
E-mail the SHOW MANAGER for more information.
Go to the official show ON-LINE WEBSITE for more information.
Show Hall
Lake County Fairgrounds [Show Map using Google Maps]
889 S Court St
4 H Building
Crown Point, IN  46307  US


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